ROOM Josephine

This delightful 25 m² bedroom, located on the second floor of the chateau, recalls the atmosphere of happy times of the Consulate and the Empire at Malmaison, where Josephine gaily played hide and seek with her friends on the lawns of the park or the parlour game of "tric-trac" in the drawing rooms of the chateau.
Dark green painted walls and ornate cornice ceilings perfectly fit with the Empire period furniture.
Two twin canopied beds face a pretty marble fireplace, and two built-in wardrobes with original wood-panelled doors provide ample storage space.

The large window with its interior shutters, hung with curtains matching the bed canopies, overlooks the gardens.

The ensuite bathroom tiled with pastel blue “faïence” echœs the skies of Provence.

For 2 persons/ Breakfast included
Tarif du 1er Septembre au 31 Mai Tarif du 1er Juin au 31 Août
1 night : 130€
For 2 nights more : 120 € per night
1 night : 140€
For 2 nights more : 130 € per night

Additional person :55€ for one night    50€ (2 nights or more)
Children from 0 to 2 years : 30€ /nights
Nights must be consecutive to qualify for these rate